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Wesley Chapel Culvert

Wesley Chapel Road - Culvert Replacement at Intersection of Grandview Road - Call for Comments

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is working on a project in Wesley Hills that involves the replacement of the... more ››


Educational Event About Bears - Video Link

For those who were not able to attend the online presentation about bears from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation... more ››

Ramapo Police

Wesley Hills Crime Alert

The Ramapo Police Department has seen an increased number of reported "Porch Pirate" incidents recently.

Ramapo Police

Wesley Hills Crime Alert

The Ramapo Police informed me that 2 cars were stolen and several cars had items taken from them over the weekend.  In the cases of the... more ››


Bears and Coyotes in Wesley Hills

I have been receiving reports on bears in the area and wanted to remind people of the information below:

Scam Alert

Alert - Fire Inspection Scam

Our Fire Inspector has notified me that at least one business in the Village received a phone call telling them that their fire inspection... more ››

Power Outage

Village Committee to Review O&R Performance in the Wake of Tropical Storm Isaias

Wesley Hills Trustee, Ruth Ivey, will be chairing an ad hoc committee to review O&R's performance in responding to our residents and... more ››


Natural Gas added to the Wesley Hills Choice Energy Aggregation Program

Wesley Hills is adding a Natural Gas component to our existing Electric Community Choice Aggregation Program.  It is anticipated that the ... more ››

Thank You Sign

Recognizing Local Heros

Continuing our series of recognizing local heroes, I received the letter below this week.  If you bump into this person in Willow Tree Park... more ››

Thank You Sign

Recognizing Local Heros

Continuing our series of recognizing local heroes, please express your appreciation to Jordan Katz, a student at RCC who also works as an... more ››

Thank You Sign

Recognizing Local Heros

Continuing our series of recognizing local heroes, the Village received the following 2 letters.  If you see these honorees, Shmuel Nenner... more ››

Thank You Sign

Recognizing Local Heros

During the pandemic many of our residents who are healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, teachers and others have been... more ››


Bonfires and Burn Permit Applications, Bears & Other Wildlife, Recycling of Cardboard Boxes

Bonfires & Burn Permit ApplicationsThe Jewish Holiday of Lag BaOmer begins Monday evening, May 11th.  As part of the... more ››

Solar Farm

Learn about Community Solar for the Village of Wesley Hills

Residents of the Village of Wesley Hills are now eligible to subscribe to a new community solar farm built and owned by Nexamp. 

Village Sign

Passover Dumpsters, Little Free Library, Census, Covid-19

Passover DumpstersThe Village is putting out Passover dumpsters at Village Hall beginning tomorrow morning.  For more... more ››


Announcing the Wesley Hills Little Free Library

With NY PAUSE closing schools, businesses and the... more ››

Solar Farm

Community Solar For Wesley Hills

The Village of Wesley Hills continues to work hard for our residents to find ways for them to save money on their energy bills.  Working... more ››


Beware - O&R Warns of Another Scam

Please review the information below that the Village received from Orange & Rockland.O&R customers are being hounded by a new round... more ››


The Importance of Knowing Where Your Property Ends and Your Neighbors' Begins

When you are planning to do work on your property such as clearing brush, cutting down trees, removing or adding a large amount of soil,... more ››


Utility Scams Active in Wesley Hills

I received a call this week from a resident that was contacted by someone purporting to be from O&R threatening to shut off their power... more ››