Rockland Green's "Feet on the Street" Will be in Wesley Hills Next Week

Rockland Green

Rockland Green, which runs the County's recycling center, has been studying the contamination that makes its way into the paper and recycling streams. 

To address the problems their study uncovered, their "Feet on the Street" program will be implemented throughout the Summer.   Quality Inspectors will be out visually inspecting recycling bins for proper or improper items placed in those bins and will be tagging them with either a "Great Job!" or an "Oops!" tag as appropriate.  

Bins tagged with an "Oops!" will not be collected.  The tags will note what should not have been in the bin and will have contact information so you can call Rockland Green directly.

The most common recycling errors are:

  • recyclables placed in plastic bags
  • plastic bags or plastic film in bins

A copy of the mailer with more details about the program that Rockland Green is sending out may be accessed HERE.

A commercial about the program that is running on local cable TV are available may be accessed HERE.

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Marshall Katz, Mayor

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