Bears and Coyotes in Wesley Hills


I have been receiving reports on bears in the area and wanted to remind people of the information below:

Per discussions I have had with the Ramapo Police Department and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC),  New York State laws severely limit what actions can be taken.  Unless a bear is an aggressive, active threat (per the DEC think of breaking into a car or house), not much can be done.  If it has climbed a tree, the police may try to keep it there until the DEC can tranquilize it and relocate it (which can take several hours to arrange).  

The DEC website does have some recommendations for dealing with encounters with these animals and actions you can take to discourage their interest in being in the area.

For bear encounters, please click this link:

For tips on reducing human-bear conflicts, please click this link:

For coyote encounters and tips, please click this link:

The best steps that can be taken by residents to discourage the bears is to remove any food sources that may be attracting them.  Food sources include, unsecured garbage cans, bird feeders, pet food left outside, and uncleaned barbecue grills.  When bears are around it is also important to keep your dogs leashed. 

Best regards,

Marshall Katz, Mayor

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