Please Do Not Feed the Turkeys

Turkeys Being Fed By Hand

The Village and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have received numerous complaints this year about aggressive turkeys attacking residents, mostly in the Village Green and Holland Lane neighborhoods. 

Representatives of the DEC have spoken to a number of residents in the Village and believe that these aggressive turkeys are being attracted to these neighborhoods by food set out for them or inadvertently made available to them.

Please discourage the turkeys from remaining in the area and protect yourself and your neighbors by not feeding the turkeys, not leaving any food outside, and reducing the amount of spillage from your bird feeders.  Following these guidelines will also discourage bears, foxes, coyotes, and other animals from inhabiting our suburban neighborhoods.

While some people like to put out food to have a closer encounter with wildlife or to “help” the animals, feeding them can actually do more harm than good and:

  • Wild animals that are fed become used to the presence of people, can become a potential threat, and can harm both humans and pets. Additionally, more vehicle collisions may occur as animals are drawn closer to roads nearby homes.
  • Overabundance of wildlife damages natural habitat and creates nuisance issues with humans.
  • Food promotes the concentration of animals into a small area which increases the potential for diseases to spread among the animal populations.
  • Human foods do not offer a healthy diet for animals and can lead to malnutrition.
  • Animals that become reliant on an abundant year-round food source may not migrate during the normal time of year.

As with any wildlife you may potentially encounter, the best course of action is to remain at a safe distance and not approach the animal or encourage it to come closer. If turkeys or other animals approach you and are acting aggressive, be sure to yell at the animal, act large, and,  if necessary, use an air horn or pepper spray to repel the animal. Hitting an attacking turkey with an umbrella or walking stick may also be effective.

For additional information please contact the DEC at 845-256-3098 or by emailing

Best regards,

Marshall Katz, Mayor
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