Community Choice Aggregation


The Village of Wesley Hills is looking for your input on an initiative (Community Choice Aggregation) that may save you money on your utility bills.  The following letter was sent to our residents:

Dear Residents,

The Village of Wesley Hills is looking for your input on an initiative we are considering that may save you money on your utility bills.

This initiative is called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Many years ago New York State changed the way people purchase energy (electricity and/or natural gas) for their homes by allowing them to choose which Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs) supplied the energy that is delivered through Orange & Rockland’s (O&R) infrastructure.  If you look at your typical O&R bill, the first page contains information on what you pay O&R to deliver your energy, and the 3rd and 4th pages usually show what you are paying for the energy itself and which ESCOs are your suppliers. 

If you have not chosen an ESCO, by state law the default supplier is O&R, and you are purchasing energy from them at a variable market rate.  If you have chosen an ESCO, you have had the option to contract with it for a variable rate, or to lock in fixed rates for varying periods of time.

If the Village were to implement the CCA, the default supplier for all residents and businesses who have not chosen an ESCO would change from O&R to a company with whom the Village would contract.  This allows the Village to join a bulk-energy buying group to increase the energy purchasing power of our residents, and to gain the clout necessary to negotiate lower fixed rate contracts.

Residents who currently purchase their energy supply from O&R would be able to opt-out of the CCA program, at no cost, whenever they choose.  Residents who are currently under contract with an ESCO could opt-in to the CCA, but might choose to wait until their contract expires, especially if their contract contains a termination fee.

To implement the CCA, the Village would work with the New York Municipal Energy Program (NYMEP).  If the Village moves forward with this initiative it will hold a public hearing on the creation of a new Village Law, as required by New York State.

Additional information about NYMEP and CCA, including an extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) may be found on the internet at

The Village does not receive any money for implementing this program.  Our sole interest in considering it is to save you money.

If you have any comments about this initiative, please contact the Mayor or a Village Trustee by letter or email.  Based upon what we hear from you, the Village Board will decide whether or not to move forward with the CCA.

Best regards,

Marshall Katz, Mayor (

Ed McPhereson, Deputy Mayor (

Marion Ben-Jacob, Trustee (

Ruth Ivey, Trustee (

Howard Richman, Trustee (